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My Clients

My clients are typically atypical, sensitive, intelligent, charming and imaginative people.

Many struggle with a sense of unfulfilled potential.

They may have issues around self-esteem, setting healthy boundaries, grounding and focus.

Completing mundane tasks, organisation and overcoming procrastination can be a challenge.

Impulse control, emotional regulation and compulsive behaviours can be problematic.

Rejection sensitivity can be heightened.

Relationships are affected. Navigating attachment issues can be tricky. Rescuing, 'people pleasing', care taking and conflict avoidance are common relational strategies.

Many experience noise sensitivity and overwhelm.

Shame and unresolved trauma, be it conscious or unconscious, are commonly core issues.

I see such people often in my practise. Some have been for assessment and have an ADHD diagnosis. Many do not.

What I find in common with such clients is a similar energetic orientation.

This energetic orientation I refer to as "The Donut".

The energetic field is generally over expanded and awareness tends to be scattered on the periphary leaving a hole in the core.

Often, a percieved lack of safety or connection in the developmental environment leads the infant to become hyper vigilant of the environment and the needs of those around them.

This is a valid survival strategy for the infant but can later become problematic in adult life.

We may find ourselves meeting the needs of others as a way of getting our own needs met.

Scattered awareness and self abandonment at the core can leave us disconnected from our what own needs are and difficulty in focusing.

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